Rich The Kid – Prada

Rich The Kid Prada
Rich The Kid Prada

If you are a fan of Rich The Kid, then you know that he loves to flex in his music. Why wouldn’t he? After all, why cop million-dollar Rolexes and fast cars if you can’t even show them off? Over the last year or so, Rich The Kid has been fairly quiet on the music front, although he has popped up here and there with new tracks. Today, Rich The Kid did just that as he blessed his fans with a brand new song called “Prada.”

Based on the title alone, you can probably guess that this song has plenty of braggadocios lyrics to go around. Throughout the 93-second runtime, Rich The Kid can be found rapping about his designer clothes as well as his large bricks of cash. This is all done over an energetic beat that barrages your ears with some booming 808s.

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