Ric Hassani Apologizes For ‘Miming And Yelling’ Statement

Ric Hassani 1

Nigerian singer/songwriter, has apologised for his tweets that seemed to put his colleagues down while hailing Grammy winner, Burna Boy.

The ”Thunder Fire You” singer took to Twitter to hail following his performance at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

Ric wrote: “I hope everyone has seen Burna’s MSG performance and I hope that becomes the standard.”

He then added: “No more nonsenses and mimings and yellings on stage please.”

Ric Hassani Tweet 1
Tweet 1

Fans of other Nigerian singers hit out at him, accusing him of throwing shade at other singers.

He has now apologised.

He tweeted: “Okay, I took a moment to catch my breathe. I understand those offended, I apologise. I could have passed the message in a better way. Love, always love.”

Ric Hassani Tweet 2
Tweet 2

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