Remember This Old And Popular Royco TV Advert? Tems Reveals Her Mum Is The Woman

Tems Mother

BET awards-winning singer, has made an interesting revelation about her family.

The singer created a buzz on social media as many became interested in the singer’s mother.

Tems And Mother

An old tweet of from 2018 resurfaced online after she reacted to a popular Royco advert from the 90s.

A tweep had shared a clip of the popular advert in 2017 and shocked many when she revealed that her mother was the woman in the popular advert.

The singer replied to the tweep’s tweet in 2018 and that singular action placed her family in the spotlight.

Gushing over her mother, noted how it felt surreal to see her mother in the advert.

The internet is going wild over the revelation.

The tweep captioned the video with,

“If you remember this advert on AIT and NTA, just know that you deserved to be called agbaya if you are not yet married”.

tweeted, “Lmao!! My mum!!”.

“Lmao feels so surreal to see my mum like this, what a spice”.

Tems Fan Tweet

Tems Mother Ad

Tems Mother Ad 1

Tems Mother Ad 2

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