Rema Sparks Dating Rumours With US Singer Justine Skye

rema justin skye

Popular Afrobeat singer, Rema, sends the rumor mill into a frenzy by igniting whispers of a romantic entanglement with American songstress Justine Skye.

Their intimate joint celebration of her birthday adds fuel to the speculation, leaving fans abuzz with excitement.

Whispers of their romantic involvement have persisted for quite some time, with neither confirming nor denying the rumors, keeping the intrigue alive.

The twosome had formerly teamed up on a musical venture, while Justine Skye’s frequent captures of reveling and syncing with Rema’s melodies on multiple occasions bring a zesty undertone to the narrative.

During Justine Skye’s recent 28th birthday celebration, keen eyes caught the two of them in close proximity. Positioned before her cake, illuminated by flickering candles, an undeniable air of intimacy enveloped them both.



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