Real Boston Richey Claps Back At Rowdy Rebel For Claiming Future Cut Him Off

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On Wednesday (Sept. 27) evening, Real Boston Richey responded to Rowdy Rebel’s claim that Future cut him off during his “Cut Off Boston Richey” performance for “From The Block.”

Kicking off the track, the 26-year-old artist rapped, “What kind of king try to diss Boston Richey? And the gang that you claim, woke up, n**gas switching. I came in piped, n**gas can’t turn off Boston Richey. I’ma say that s**t again, n**gas ain’t cut off Boston Richey. Whatever n**ga swing through this b**tch fast, they gon’ get it.”

“Talk about all that drill s**t, but don’t drill s**t when it’s drill time. F**k it, I bought $20K off one 50 ball. Actin’ like he the only rap shooter, I’m sick of y’all,” he continued later in the freestyle. “N**ga don’t diss on me, go diss on a n**ga that did some. Different type of n**ga, every time we swung on somethin’, we hit somethin’.”

The Tallahassee native clapping back at Rebel arrived weeks after the latter’s initial diss. On Sept. 8, the “Computers” hitmaker dropped “FED TIME” with OnPointLikeOP, which saw the New York artist alleging that Future separated himself from Richey.

In the song and accompanying performance, Rebel spat, “They got guns, and we got guns, but who get busy? If I get caught that’s Fed time ‘cause this a switchy. N**gas moving like they tellin’, they movin’ iffy. I cut ‘em off like Future did to Boston Richey.”

The aforementioned lyrics seemingly referred to the aftermath of Richey’s snitching allegations. The incident reportedly involved the rapper cooperating with police in 2013 after his involvement with a stolen car alongside two conspirators. After the news surfaced, fans speculated that Pluto kicked him off the “One Big Party Tour.”

However, the Florida musician denied those claims. Elsewhere, during an interview with “Big Facts,” he explained, “So we go to the TPD station, and I’m on some s**t like, ‘Them boys really ain’t know the car was stolen. This my whip!’ So, the police took that as me saying them being in the whip is acknowledging they knew the car was stolen. But that was never the case.”


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