Queen Naija Responds To Titanic Submarine Trolls With “I Blame Queen Naija” Merch

Queen naija

In a tongue-in-cheek response to a flurry of online criticism, Queen Naija has fired back at her detractors with merchandise themed, “I blame Queen Naija.” The playful retaliation comes in the wake of a Twitter user jokingly faulting her for the disappearance of the iconic Titanic submarine.

In the response, the Detroit-raised singer humorously quote-tweeted, “I’ll see you in court,” sparking a chain of reactions between the two.

Never missing a beat, Naija has transformed the surreal controversy into a clever marketing opportunity. The newly launched merch line features T-shirts, hats, and cropped tank tops printed with “I blame Queen Naija” and “I’ll see you in court.” These phrases serve as a nod to not only the recent events but also the torrent of negative comments often aimed at the “Words of Affirmation” artist.

Naija is no stranger to trolling. In an April 2022 interview with “The Breakfast Club,” she revealed, “I get lots of love everywhere but Twitter, they cannot stand me. It’s like I’m the joke of Twitter.”

She added, “Some people really don’t like me… Then it’s just that bandwagon thing that everybody likes to jump on because they want to be seen or feel popular or get likes or follows. It’s like a trend to dislike me, and honestly, I think they really do like me, though. You speak about me so much, so you must like me.”

Despite the occasional harassment, the musician has maintained a sense of humor, frequently countering the negativity with playful banter. The new merchandise line certainly proves that point. However, amid the jokes, she hasn’t lost sight of the serious concern for the missing submarine’s crew, expressing her sincere hopes for their safe return.

The missing submersible, the OceanGate Titan, was en route to the Titanic wreckage with five explorers on board. On Thursday (June 22), the U.S. Coast Guard discovered a “debris field” believed to be connected to the astray vessel, escalating international attention and concern. As reported by REVOLT, the crew only had 96 hours of oxygen at the time of departure, so as of June 22 at 7:10 a.m., they were considered dead.

While Queen Naija and her fans might be chuckling at her clever response to the keyboard warriors, it’s evident that she’s not oblivious to the grave situation the lost passengers are in.

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