Portable Vows To Repair Ajogbo Grammar School Classrooms

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Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, promised to repair a dilapidated school building and classroom and also provide a plasma TV during his courtesy visit to Ajogbo Grammar School.

In a couple of videos making waves on social media, the Nigerian singer, accompanied by his friends, visited the public school located in Ota.

In one of the videos, the singer could be heard engrossed in a discussion with the female principal of the school.

During their chat, the singer asked for a list of things that need attention in the school, adding that he would only focus on or take care of things he knows he can handle.

His statement, which has been translated to English, reads:

“Ma, I need the list; I’ll only do what I’m capable of.”

In response to his statement, the principal of the school replied:

“If you want to do something, firstly, there’s a building there that has almost collapsed.”

He cut her short, asking, “I should come and fix the building?”

She answered,

“Yes, come and help me do that building.”

She continued:

“There’s also a classroom where termites have been pestering the students. Help me fix that one.”

Upon hearing this, he answered, “I’ll do everything.”

He went on to ask the singer to do whatever he is capable of in her office, and he responded by asking her if he should give her a plasma TV.

He said,

“Should I tell them to bring a plasma? Today, they’ll bring a plasma. They’ll bring it.”

The full conversation with the principal of the said school, alongside the moment he was greeted by the students, is in the videos attached below.



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