Portable Raises Booking Fee After Splurging Millions On Outfits

Portable 1

Nigerian singer and record label owner, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has revealed a significant increase in his booking fee.

In a statement shared on social media today, Sunday, February 11, 2024, Portable highlighted his extravagant spending habits, claiming to have invested millions of naira in his wardrobe.

In a video accompanying the announcement, Portable showcased his opulent attire, including a belt valued at 7 million naira and several million-dollar shoes and suits. With a caption emphasizing the exorbitant prices, Portable asserted his status by flaunting his expensive outfits.

During the video, Portable vocalized his perspective on the high prices of luxury items, challenging viewers to consider the costliness of his attire. Pointing to his shoes, he provocatively questioned if viewers were willing to sell their father’s house to afford them, emphasizing the exorbitant value of his possessions.

In his words, “Do you want to sell your dad’s house to buy this shoe? You want to sell your papa’s house to buy this shoe? What I’m wearing is worth over 1 million. Look, see the wristwatch on my hand. Go and price it. Do you know this watch? Do you know my worth? If you want to book me for shows, raise the price, o. Price is high; this belt is worth 7 million naira.”

Furthermore, Portable asserted his worth and demanded higher fees for his performances, citing his lavish lifestyle as justification for increased show prices. His proclamation showcases his penchant for luxury and reflects a desire to maintain his elevated status within the entertainment industry.


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