Portable Makes Dollars Rain In Trenches After He Returned From His Europe Trip (Video)

Portable 1 750x375.jpg

Controversial Nigerian artist, Portable has taken to the streets to show off his generous display of wealth upon his return from his successful European tour.

In September, Portable accompanied on by one of his wives, Ewatomi Omobewaji, embarked on a tour in Europe, which captured the attention of prominent Nigerian news outlets.

Shortly after his return to Nigeria, Portable decided to give back to the streets in his trademark style, showering bundles of dollars and naira notes on a throng in an unidentified location.

A video of the artist unbinding stacks of dollars and naira notes and then generously spraying them to the ecstatic crowd quickly went viral on social media.

This audacious act of giving away money in such an extravagant and unrestrained manner has ignited a spectrum of reactions from online viewers.

Watch the video below:


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