Portable Challenges Celebrities To Take Real Action for Mohbad

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The Nigerian music community is still reeling from the tragic death of fast-rising star Mohbad. The 27-year-old rapper was pronounced dead in Lagos last week under mysterious circumstances.

While an investigation is still ongoing, many fans and fellow artists believe Mohbad’s former label owner, Naira Marley, may be implicated in his untimely passing.

In the wake of Mohbad’s death, many Nigerian celebrities have spoken out on social media, expressing their grief and calling for justice. But in a bold Instagram story post, veteran singer Portable called their sincerity into question.

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Portable accused his colleagues of virtue signaling and challenged them to back up their words with concrete steps to get justice for Mohbad. As one of the pioneers of the “Zazoo Zeh” movement Mohbad embodied, Portable feels a responsibility to hold the industry accountable.

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