Pooh Shiesty – Federal Contraband 2


It’s Shiesty season! Even as he celebrates another Christmas behind bars, 24-year-old Pooh Shiesty is making his presence felt. Following his 2021 single, “Federal Contraband,” the lyricist returned last week with the song’s sequel. It consists of over seven minutes of bars from the Memphis-born performer as he reflects on life in prison, among other things over production from TP808.

“Yeah, man, you know I do too motherf**kin’ much, I’m Mr. Go Too Far / They might try to come and supersede me after all this shit I’m talkin’, you know I’m federal property now,” Shiesty tells listeners on the intro. As his first verse begins, the “Shoud’ve Ducked” artist gets candid about strained relationships with loved ones. “Losin’ relations with my family, it’s been six months since I called / It’s part of what I signed up for, I’m mentally built for it all,” he spits, taking pride in his strength.

“Physically, I’m standin’ tall, was taught don’t let ’em see you sweat / S**t goin’ all bad, but I’m patient, know somethin’ good gotta come next,” Pooh continues, remaining optimistic despite his circumstances. “Old celly just got killed, his killer gone to ADX / Went from Audemar to G-Shock, these the jailhouse Rolex,” he adds, making it known he’s still staying fresh, even as an inmate.


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