Polo G’s Brother Trench Baby Charged With Murder For Drive-By Shooting

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Polo G’s brother Trench Baby (real name Taurean Bartlett) is facing murder charges following his involvement in a Los Angeles drive-by shooting on June 10. The incident resulted in the death of a 20-year-old man.

Bartlett was initially arrested on Oct. 4 and is currently being held without bail in LA’s Men’s Central Jail, per the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department records. His charges include murder, robbery, and witness tampering, stemming from multiple incidents over recent months.

In August, Bartlett was implicated in a robbery at his residence during a music video shoot. According to the LAPD, “At that time, the suspect produced a handgun with an extended magazine and demanded that the victim transfer money to an unknown account over a money transfer service. The victim was in fear and complied. The suspect also demanded the victim empty his pockets.”

Additionally, Polo G was apprehended alongside Bartlett for possession of a short-barreled rifle. The rapper’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, stated, “The officers have detained Polo to ‘verify’ that he is not a convicted felon, as they assert a firearm was found in the home. It is widely known that Polo is not a convicted felon.”

He continued, “I personally got all his charges in Miami dismissed when he was, in our opinion, wrongfully arrested and charged. They have refused to allow us access to our client, which is also an illegal and unethical practice, and someone will have to answer for these new wrongful actions.”

The witness tampering charge against Bartlett reportedly involved the same individual from the August robbery. Today (Nov. 20), TMZ reported that the imputation is linked to an incident in September.

Polo G’s upcoming album, HOOD POET, was initially scheduled to hit streaming platforms that same month. The 18-track project was supposed to pre-release singles “Barely Holdin’ On” and “Distractions.” Currently, the pre-save link on Apple Music shows an Aug. 2, 2024 release date.

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