PnB Rock – Luv Me Again

PnB Rock Luv Me Again

PnB Rock began 2022 with a bang, sharing his SoundCloud Daze project in the first month of the year featuring appearances from Pasto Flocco, Yung Fazo, Tennisboywill, and Iayze.

For his first release since then, the 30-year-old has linked up with beloved producer D.A. Got That Dope for his new single, “Luv Me Again” – a just over two-minute long track that finds the R&B star reminiscing on a romance that clearly means the world to him.

“I’ll be on my way tonight / Private jet, I ain’t missin’ no flight,” he sings on the chorus. “Come put that d*ck in your life / I’m tryna make you my wife.”

On the first verse, Rock dives deeper into the relationship, reflecting on what he may have done wrong. “Uh, put up with my shit for so damn long / I buy you material things, but that don’t right my wrongs / Told the whole world about your pain, put it in my songs / Then wonder why you don’t wanna listen to none of my songs.”

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