Pi’erre Bourne – Good Movie

Pierre Bourne Good Movie

Pi’erre Bourne is one of the most talented producers working in hip-hop right now, and he has also proven to be a great artist on the whole. He has delivered a few solo projects over the last few years that have showcased just how smooth his voice is over his signature hypnotic production. After the success of TLOP 5 back in 2021, Bourne is ready for more as he is set to drop off a new album called Good Movie.

On Friday, Bourne released the title track to the album, which can be streamed below. This is your typical Bourne effort as we are met with autotuned vocals that deliver catchy melodies on top of some luscious trap production. Bourne is in his element on this song and we’re sure the album will feature more of these themes.

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