Peruzzi Rejects The Marriage Proposal Brought Before Him

Peruzzi Marriage
Peruzzi Marriage

Peruzzi wants to get married ‘one day’, but 2021 isn’t the year for him.
The 31 years old artiste who sparked speculation of a relationship with his boss’s fiancée, Chioma has vehemently insisted that he isn’t thinking of setting down anytime soon and especially not in 2021.

He made this revelation after a Tweep asked him if he had started making plans of getting married this year. It might be as a result of all the things that have happened to the clan or due to personal reasons cause Peruzzi adamantly rebuked the Tweep’s statement.

In his own words, he wrote : “God Forbid”

Perruzi chat
Perruzi chat

His reaction might have shocked his followers as he took to Instagram to expatiate on the marriage issue.

Perruzi made it known that no one should pressure him into getting married. According to Peru, the pressure others feel about him getting married is none of his business cause they singlehandedly decided to feel that way.

peruzzi marriage proposal
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