Peewee Longway & NBA YoungBoy – Nose Ring

peewee longway nba youngboy nose ring e1707251439560

Two of the more prolific MCs from down South are back together for just the second time in their careers. Peewee Longway and NBA YoungBoy have not worked together since 2017 on the latter’s project AI YoungBoy. That was for the song “Wat Chu Gone Do.” Fast forward nearly seven years later and now we have “Nose Ring.”

This quickly follows up music from Peewee Longway and NBA. For Peewee, he is coming off a short EP from late January. Lolife Longway 2 featured six tracks and no guest appearances. On the flip side, YB also dropped a single called “F**k N****z” today. The difference is Peewee’s song is currently only available on YouTube and no streaming services.

Peewee Longway was not as active in 2023. We covered his lone tape of that year with Who Am I? Outside of that, the 39-year-old only put out a small handful of singles. This song is not reinventing the wheel in any sort of fashion, though. It is your typical trap fare with a familiar bassy/piano beat that is popular in Southern hip-hop.


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