Paul Okoye Reveals Mohbad Opened Up To Him About Harassment Before Death

Paul okoye

Following the tragic passing of Nigerian singer Mohbad, music executive Paul Okoye of the former P-Square duo has shared new insight into the late artist’s struggles.

In an emotional social media tribute, Okoye revealed that Mohbad had opened up to him about the harassment and other difficulties he was facing shortly before his death.

According to Okoye, Mohbad confided in him about the immense pressure, fears, and mistreatment he had endured as an up-and-coming musician. However, Okoye also recalled how Mohbad demonstrated inner strength and resilience despite the challenges.

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Okoye praised Mohbad’s character, recounting how the young singer was always respectful, humble, and professional in their interactions. He expressed regret that Mohbad had faced such turmoil and was not able to overcome it.

While details of the specific harassment Mohbad suffered remain unclear, Okoye’s revelation provides a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes struggles many Nigerian artists confront.

As Mohbad’s career was rapidly ascending, it seems he was simultaneously battling intense personal demons. Tragically, his early success was capped by an even more dramatic downfall.

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