Pardison Fontaine – THEE PERSON


When Megan Thee Stallion shared her first solo single of the year, “Cobra,” fans ate up the rap diva’s vulnerability. After enduring some of the most difficult years of her life, the black-haired beauty put all her feelings into an emotional song reflecting on alcohol abuse, healing from trauma, the loss of many close family members, and her split from Pardison Fontaine. The songwriter wasn’t mentioned by name in the bars about Thee Stallion being cheated on. However, his reaction to the single was telling enough for us to piece together the puzzle.

After posting a Future meme to acknowledge his guilt, Fontaine surprised us on Friday (November 17) by dropping off a full diss track taking aim at Thee Stallion. Throughout his verses on “THEE PERSON,” the “Backin’ It Up” hitmaker accuses her of being unfaithful in their relationship first. Elsewhere, he says she lied about past hook-ups, and even getting liposuction despite marketing herself as a woman with an all-natural body.

“How many times did I catch you texting them ni**as?” Pardi asks his ex on the second verse. “You did you first, I just did me bigger / You flew out the country, ain’t call for days / In my mind, we had parted ways,” he recalls of how their long-running relationship fell apart. “You was back movin’ awful strange / In an effort to fix it, I took all the blame.”


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