Papoose – Zodiac Killah

Papoose Zodiac Killah
Papoose Zodiac Killah

Papoose recently dropped off his brand new EP June, which features a lone guest appearance from heavy-hitting lyricist RJ Payne. For the most part, Pap opts to handle things on his own, as he does on the murderous highlight “Zodiac Killah.” Taking to a cinematic instrumental from Jay Swift Da Producer, Pap navigates the ominous strings with calculated focus.

As fans have come to expect from the lyricist, Pap uses the opportunity to get conceptual with it, this time setting his sights on the horoscope. “I told the Capricorn I’m the real goat, he wouldn’t listen so I slit my razor across his throat,” raps Pap, before setting his sights on Aquarius. “I had to beat the water-bearer with his own container.


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