Oxlade Reveals Shocking Reason He Does Not Smoke


In an exclusive conversation with Radar Radio, Oxlade disclosed the startling reason he does not smoke. The singer of “Ku Lo Sa” disclosed that his lack of smoking was due to his asthma.

“What else, I’m asthmatic, many people don’t know. I’ve got asthma. So I don’t smoke, at all” he told the interviewers.

When he was if he has ever tried smoking, the singer replied in the negative stating that it wasn’t good for his health.

He stated that he, however, is a ceremonial drinker and only drinks when he has to and not because he enjoys doing so.

This came as a surprise because it is the first time the musician has disclosed his health situation.


Oxlade Says He Doesn’t Smoke & Barely Drinks #ontheradarradio

♬ original sound – On The Radar Radio

The fantastic and trend-setting musician also revealed that Ku Lo Sa was not planned to be released as a song. He stated during the interview no musician no his life-changing song as ‘Ku Lo Sa‘ was just another song for him but he is grateful for its success.

He expressed gratefulness to God for using the song to move from an underrated artist to one of the industry’s hottest artists.

When asked how is dealing with the new level of fame, Oxlade stated that it has helped him not to feel pressured as he is gradually sieving and learning from the moment.

The year 2022 has been amazing for Oxlade, but fans are excited about what to expect from the singer in 2023.


“Nobody knows the life-changing song” – Oxlade on “KU LO SA” #ontheradarradio

♬ original sound – On The Radar Radio


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