Oxlade Deletes Post After Backlash For Restricting Mohbad


Nigerian singer Oxlade has removed an Instagram post following criticism for restricting deceased artist Mohbad on the social media platform prior to his death.

Earlier today, Oxlade shared a post memorializing Mohbad, who passed away suddenly last week at age 27.

However, fans quickly noticed that Oxlade had previously restricted Mohbad from viewing his Instagram stories.

IMG 20230918 124158 994.jpg

After fans called out Oxlade for restricting Mohbad while claiming to celebrate him after his death, Oxlade deleted the tribute post entirely.

IMG 20230918 124204 000.jpg

Restricting someone on Instagram prevents them from accessing your story posts. Many fans interpreted Oxlade’s prior restriction of Mohbad as distasteful given his subsequent memorial message.

The backlash highlights ongoing debates around the music industry’s treatment of Mohbad leading up to his untimely death. Other artists have faced accusations of shunning Mohbad when he was struggling.

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