Omerettà The Great Sorry – Not Sorry (Remix) ft. Latto

Omeretta The Great Sorry Not Sorry Remix ft. Latto
Omeretta The Great Sorry Not Sorry Remix ft.

If pissed people off with the release of her latest single, “Sorry Not Sorry,” then is going to get them back in their feelings with her remix of the song.

A few weeks ago, the Atlanta-based rapper dropped off her new single, calling out people claiming ATL by naming different zones on the outskirts to claim that they’re not from the city. “College Park is not Atlanta, Lithonia is not Atlanta, Clayco is not Atlanta, Decatur is not Atlanta,” raps Retta on the track.

ended up sharing a map of the city to combat her claims but later jumped into the conversation, saying that she thinks Omerettà was “right” to drop the song. Hailing from Clayco herself, her statement was a little confusing but on Thursday (March 3), it all started to make sense after the 23-year-old rapper shared her remix to “Sorry Not Sorry.”

went a little further than Omerettà on the record, name-dropping people and asking how they’re “not Atlanta” if they helped shape the city’s culture. She mentioned that some of the Migos, 21 Savage (her rumored boyfriend), Ciara, Ludacris, and more allegedly “aren’t Atlanta” before showing love to some of the city’s greats, including OutKast.


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