OhGeesy – Knock Knock

OhGeesy Knock Knock

Los Angeles rapper OhGeesy has much to celebrate at the moment. He just wrapped up a successful tour and is still riding high off of his debut solo album, GEEZYWORLD, dropping last year. Even getting arrested for codeine and firearm possession couldn’t hurt his stride as he was going from show to show. Now, he’s dropped a new track “Knock Knock” to keep fans excited after his tour has ended.

“Knock Knock” follows Geesy’s previous 2022 single “Up,” as well as the release of GEEZYWORLD (Deluxe) back in February. In case you thought this might be the song where OhGeesy takes a new sonic direction, I got bad news for you. But that doesn’t matter with a working formula: hard-hitting West Coast percussion and bass, threatening piano lines, and a persistent sample of someone banging on a door. It wouldn’t sound out of place on any Shoreline Mafia tape, the L.A. rap collective Geesy helped found. Even if that Cali sound isn’t the trend of the moment, the 28-year-old is still carrying the torch for his city and keeping that sun-drenched bounce alive on playlists.

As far as the lyrical content, it’s a pretty straightforward showing from OhGeesy. It’s a murderous and boisterous track, and there’s nothing OhGeesy could say that hits harder than that knocking bass. The song also came with a shimmering music video, in which Geesy dons a mask and rides with his friends through the city nightlife.

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