Offset Cheating Allegations Spark Controversy, Cardi B Reacts

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In a whirlwind of rumors and frenzy, Offset, one-third of iconic hip hop trio Migos, faces cheating allegations again. During his 24-hour stream with famous Twitch star Kai Cenat, social media sleuths tried to point out the woman seen in the stream as someone the Atlanta-bred rapper was cheating with.

This shocking revelation set the hip hop community on fire, leaving fans and critics alike questioning the state of Offset’s marriage with rap sensation Cardi B. The couple, known for its ups and downs, has faced infidelity scandals in the past, but the pair’s bond seemed more vital than ever as of late.

Cardi B wasted no time addressing the situation on her Twitter account. The “WAP” hitmaker, known for her unapologetic nature, didn’t hold back. In a series of fiery tweets, she defended her relationship, making it clear that she’s not about to let anyone try to lie about her husband.

“The fact that they had to watch a 24-hour stream to fake piece things together is EMBARRASSING!!! They some do bads, lmao,” Cardi B declared in a repost of a clip from the stream. Her unwavering support for Offset sent a clear message to those trying to find issues within their relationship.

Offset remained relatively quiet about the allegations, letting his wife handle the situation. Amid his eventful weekend, he did find time to shoot some shots back at Nicki Minaj’s husband after they posted a video looking for him in New York.

As the world watches and speculates, hip hop’s exciting couple knows that people are watching. Fans have started to call him “Offcheat.” One fan went on Twitter and said, “IDC about no Nicki vs. Cardi beef, but Offcheat is so FUNNY,” while another said, “Offcheat ain’t ever beating them allegations.”

Many of the accounts targeting Offset seem to be fan accounts of Minaj.

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