O.T. Genasis – All I Wear For Cripmas

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Earlier today, we mentioned how quite a fair amount of rappers were putting their unique spin on Christmas music. This is not a new trend amongst the hip-hop community, as countless artists have done something to celebrate the most joyous holiday of the year. For 2023 though, there have been some questionable attempts. One of those was RXKNephew’s “HAPPY HOLIDAYS.” That was a spin on Mariah Carey’s classic jam which is beloved and hated by many. Coincidentally, O.T. Genasis must have seen him do this.

The Georgia rapper and the New York native must be competing for who can make a worse rendition of the pop star’s magnum opus. RXKN’s was more cold-blooded and serious. It was hard to tell whether or not he was taking it seriously. O.T. Genasis’s efforts are clear as he hilariously sings along with the same melody.

According to HipHopDX, this is a parody, which makes O.T.’s version more acceptable. It is called “All I Wear For Cripmas,” as the song represents his commitment to the blue apparel-wearing gang. Some of the gut-busting lyrics include gems like this. “I don’t want a lot for Cripmas / I just want to bang the C / I don’t care about no presents / I’m just going to smoke my trees / I’m just thuggin’ on my own / Come to the set and get put on / By me and my crew / All I wear for Cripmas is blue.”

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