Nigo – Arya ft. A$AP Rocky

Nigo Arya ft. ASAP Rocky
Nigo Arya ft. AAP Rocky

Co-founder of Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream Nigo is preparing to drop his first album in nearly 20 years. The designer and musician shared his last album, Ape Sounds in 2000, and this year, he’ll be releasing, I Know Nigo.

Kicking off the official campaign for the album is the new single, “Arya” ft. A$AP Rocky. Nigo locks in with the Harlem trendsetter for a dizzying banger filled with hypnotizing piano keys and muddy bass. Rocky’s boastful bars take center stage, detailing his fashion sensibilities and bragging about his lady. It’s a promising teaser of what Nigo has in store on his first album in over 20 years but it’s an even more promising glimpse into where Rocky will be heading on his follow-up to Testing.


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