Nicki Minaj’s New Year’s Resolution Goes Viral

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On New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31), Nicki Minaj was spotted performing songs from her Billboard chart-topping album, Pink Friday 2, at E11EVEN Miami in Florida. While she was getting to a bag in the “Magic City,” a previously recorded clip of her New Year’s resolution was aired on CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” show hosted by famed producers and media personalities Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper.

When asked what her New Year’s resolution was by Cohen, the storied Queens emcee stated, “My New Year’s resolution is to keep my foot on these b**ches’ necks.” When the clip aired on CNN, Cooper hilariously responded, “Well, wow, who is she referring to?” before Cohen jokingly answered, “These b**ches.”

The comical back and forth further proved that CNN allowing booze back into the New Year’s Eve broadcast would let the hosts be more at ease during the end-of-the-year celebration. This was their first year reintroducing alcohol after taking a year off following some mixed reviews of Don Lemon’s last appearance on the show.

After seeing the clip, fans had a field day on social media. One user stated, “Andy totally understands dealing with all those d**n housewives; Anderson, on the other hand, is like ‘what now?’” While another commenter said, “Andy and Anderson are on the opposite spectrum of gay, and it’s hilarious to see together.” One more serious fan stated, “Going into 2024 still pressed by other females at her age is not a good look for the Barbz.”

Minaj has recently made headlines immediately following the release of her album, as fans believe that she may have dissed Megan Thee Stallion and Latto on her new LP. In the track “FTCU,” Minaj rapped, “Stay in your Tory lane, b**ch, I’m not Iggy,” which some listeners interpret as a reference to Megan’s past conflict with Tory Lanez. Notably, the Toronto rapper was sentenced to 10 years in prison for shooting the Houston native in the foot in 2020.

She addressed the bars during an exclusive sit-down with Joe Budden. During the interview, she stated, “Well, without thinking about it being shade to a few people, what do you think the line itself means?” The former emcee-turned-media personality closed the conversation by saying, “‘I’m not one of them,’ and I think it was a clever way to say that.”

Amidst all the noise, it is clear that Nicki Minaj bodied 2023 and is prepared for a big 2024 as she embarks on an international tour.

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