Nicki Minaj Went On Instagram Live With Keyshia Cole And Monica

Nicki minaj Keyshia Cole And Monica

On Friday (Dec. 1) night, Nicki Minaj teamed up with R&B songstresses Keyshia Cole and Monica to surprise fans with an exciting Instagram Live. Fans were treated to the unlikely trio pairing up for fun freestyles, jokes and other banter. The three legends decided their group name would be “Mo’Nicki Cole.”

Instantly, fans of the hip hop legend were vexed to find out if the two legendary crooners would be on Minaj’s upcoming album, Pink Friday 2. After five years of waiting, the Barbz are slated to receive new music next Friday (Dec. 8). The “Anaconda” rapper pushed her album back to her birthday after initially having it slated for Nov. 17.

The special IG Live comes on the heels of some fiery tweets from the Queens-bred emcee on Thursday (Nov. 30). In a series of tweets, Minaj issued a seemingly aggressive message to her naysayers alongside a chilling promise about the album. She posted, “Dec. 8 is COMING SOON,” followed by a critical message: “If you [are] on my [s**t] list, you will never EVER recover. The. [F**kng]. End.”

Shortly after, she continued, “This album is just beyond anything I could have imagined.” Elsewhere, Minaj shared potential lyrics from an unnamed track that read, “I just wanna watch him do his push-ups [with] his sweats on / Every time he hit it, he gon’ nail it like a press-on / When I ride his [d**k] the only time he gettin’ flexed on / Hit it from the [back] with my pumps and my dress on.”

Check out the posts below.

Minaj’s rollout has been extensive and filled with exciting moments for her fans. Pink Friday 2 will be available everywhere on Friday (Dec. 8).

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