Nicki Minaj Reschedules ‘Pink Friday 2’ For Her Birthday

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Nicki Minaj has kept her fans on their toes with numerous changes to the release date of her much-anticipated album, Pink Friday 2. Initially slated for Oct. 20, then pushed to Nov. 17, the LP will now be liberated on Dec. 8, the rapper’s birthday.

In an Instagram Live video, she explained the reason behind the shifts. “I have never in my life been so in love with something that I’m working on,” Minaj said. She also cited writer’s block during her pregnancy and a desire not to include “freaky” content as key factors for the delay.

The timing also avoids a clash with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz’s new project, Welcome 2 Collegrove. Their joint effort is set to drop on Nov. 17. The “Super Freaky Girl” hitmaker acknowledged the New Orleans legend didn’t plan his release on the same day as hers with ill intent, but rather, he knew that she had already bumped it to December.

“It’s been changed for some time now behind the scenes. As you can tell, Weezy and 2 Chainz, they announced their date, and you know how me and Weezy play,” Minaj stated. “He would never do that if that was my album date, so I wanted to make sure you guys were aware of that. ‘Cause I saw some of you guys questioning that.”

The reschedule also holds sentimental value as it will mark the New York rapper’s 41st birthday. “The new album date for this incredible body of work that I am so proud of is on a very special day to me and to the Barbz,” she affirmed.

In addition to the update, Minaj revealed a new fragrance, also named Pink Friday 2, set to launch on Dec. 13 and 26 through J.C. Penney and Amazon, respectively.

Pink Friday 2 is the artist’s first album in five years, following her 2018 release, Queen. During her time as host of the 2023 MTV VMAs, Minaj teased “Big Difference,” which is currently not confirmed to be on the LP.

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