Nicki Minaj Fires Back At Photoshop Accusations: ‘Photoshop Them Bars’

Nicki Minaj Vma

Nicki Minaj is hitting back at her haters amid accusations of Photoshop.

On Wednesday, the rap queen shared a visual teaser for her single “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” which finds her strutting around a rooftop overlooking the ocean while wearing a black bikini. But her haters refused to believe that her body was natural and accused her of doctoring her appearance.

“The Photoshop is so Nasty,” commented one troll, who appeared to be a Cardi B fan based on their Twitter handle.

But as many have learned, don’t come for the queen. Nicki responded by putting her “obsessed” haters in their place.

“Photoshop them bars,” she clapped back, an apparent diss at rappers who don’t write their own rhymes.

She also retweeted a fan who shared a stat about her greatest hits compilation Queen Radio: Volume 1. “Photoshop them sales,” added Nicki.

In a later tweet, she delivered a pointed message to those hating on her. “Leave us alone you filthy cock suckers. Barbz, come in the house 🏡. Love you 😘,” she wrote before adding, “Y’all I’m just playing. 😩🤪 don’t the bad guy make this shit fun?”

“Red Ruby Da Sleeze” debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100, but Nicki said that it is not the official single from her long-awaited fifth studio album.

During a recent interview with Rah Ali, Nicki also called out female rappers, claiming they are being paid by labels and management companies to diss her.

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