Netizens React To Tunde Ednut’s Reveal Of Wizkid Lookalike

Wizkid 3

A historical picture of a man sharing a striking resemblance to Wizkid went viral online after content sharer, Tunde Ednut shared on his page.

Tunde Ednut posted the photo to Instagram and acknowledged that the individual bore a striking resemblance to Wizkid. The photo shared has gotten a lot of fans to debate whether reincarnation is real.

The caption for one of the pictures revealed that it was taken in 1789. This has caused a lot of confusion in the comment section as reports say the first camera was created in 1816.

However, many couldn’t deny the fact that the man in the old photo shares a resemblance with Wizkid in appearance.

Captioning the video, Tunde Ednut wrote:

“He looks like Wizkid, doesn’t he?”

See the post below:

Screenshot 20240126 145932.jpg

Netizens who were amazed by the resemblance responded with comments.

See some responses below:

Screenshot 20240126 150425.jpg

Screenshot 20240126 150531.jpg

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