NBA Youngboy – Testimony

youngboy never broke again testimony

Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper NBA Youngboy is one of the most polarizing figures in rap today. You either enjoy his style or you do not, there is no in-between. Many people criticize him for a lot of his music sounding the same, or for the production choices he makes. However, possibly the biggest gripe a lot of people have is the rate at which he releases his new material.

In 2023 alone, he has put out three albums. They are not short projects either. His first release of the year was I Rest My Case which had 19 tracks. The next one, Don’t Try This At Home, was a whopping 33 songs and it was put out three months later. Finally, Richest Opp contained 17 cuts.

Now, he is already back with another new single that has its own music video. It is already number five on YouTube’s music trending list at the time of this article being written. Additionally, it has been played over 685,000 times which is an absolutely monstrous number. As we said, you either laud him or you dislike him, and it seems his loyal fans are coming in droves to support this latest effort.


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