NBA YoungBoy – No Time

nba youngboy no time

If you think NBA YoungBoy is going to slow down production any time soon, you would be sorely mistaken. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper and singer seems to always have something on deck each week. Over the last three months the prolific artist has put out nine singles. But, it has been these last two weeks or so that we have seen him at his most eager.

In just the last week and change, NBA YoungBoy has put out two singles. While the tracks all feature similar lyrical content the production is at least slightly varied. “Closed Case” and “F*** N****s” sees him rap in his loud and yelping tone about violence. However, this latest one, “No Time,” takes a “softer” approach in NBA’s standards.

“No Time” has a familiar but nice message in the verses. It is all about protecting yourself from others who do not deserve your time. That is the most valuable thing everyone has, tangible or not, so YB is doing what he can to have as much as possible. Additionally, like all of his recent tracks and music videos, all of them are dominating the trending for music category on YouTube. Every track has over 1.4 million views and “No Time” is well on its way to eclipse one million.


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