NBA YoungBoy – No Sleep

NBA YoungBoy No Sleep

As always, NBA YoungBoy is keeping his fans on their toes. One day after delivering his Lost Files mixtape, the Louisana-born rhymer is back with a single. Titled “No Sleep,” he uploaded the track on YouTube earlier today (December 24). Currently, streaming numbers are moving upwards of 250K.

In the video’s caption, the 23-year-old writes, “This shit is crazy my n*gga. I ain’t pray for this, I ain’t stay up all night for this. I won’t be broken. No matter what I’m thankful.”

He continues, “They wish I was f*cked up, time then changed. I will come when you ain’t expecting it.”

Throughout his lyrics, YoungBoy reflects on how life was before finding fame. “High school, knew the kids, they knew I was wearin’ the same uniform back to back / Grandma left me as a kid, time went, she ain’t never come back,” he reflects on his first verse.

“On the road doin’ sows, the murder came, it was history after that / My sister sayin’, ‘Leave me ‘lone,’ I’m in her room tryna make her listen to me rap.”

Later in the song, YB says that falling in love was his “biggest mistake.” “I wish that it never came ’round,” he solemnly admits.


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