NBA YoungBoy – I Need To Know

nba youngboy i need to know

NBA YoungBoy is someone who is extremely prolific when it comes to making music. Overall, he has been known to drop multiple projects in a given year. Moreover, sometimes, he will deliver over 30 songs on these albums. While some find this to be overwhelming, others are appreciative of the fact that we are always getting a ton of great YoungBoy tracks. You can always count on him to deliver, and in 2023, that certainly continues to be the case.

For instance, he recently dropped the project Richest Opp. Prior to that, he came through with the album Don’t Try This At Home. These two projects had some interesting features throughout, and there is no doubt that fans enjoyed them. While some felt that maybe YoungBoy would be done for the year, it appears as though this is not the case. On Thursday, he surprised fans by coming out with a new song called “I Need To Know.”

This new song is one that certainly has a great energy to it. YoungBoy is known for those fast beats and sung lyrics. On “I Need To Know,” that is exactly what we receive. These lyrics are fairly braggadocios, and there is no doubt that YoungBoy is feeling as confident as ever right now. Ultimately, this is a feeling and an attitude that has always been present in his songs. However, in “I Need To Know,” that is especially true.

With this new song out on the internet, it remains to be seen whether or not this is going to lead to yet another project.


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