NBA Youngboy – Heard Of Me

nba youngboy heard of me

Louisiana rapper NBA Youngboy is probably the most prolific artist in the game right now. Just a couple of days ago, he put out “Testimony,” including a YouTube video for it. The track was popping off in just a few short hours with it in the top five on the music trending page. YB’s fans are extremely loyal and extreme in general. The man can do wrong in their eyes. But, at least he knows that he will always have people wanting more from him.

In “Testimony” he appears to diss YouTuber Trap Lore Ross with this bar. “Real gangster or a fake killer? tell em “f*** with us.” A lot of rappers include a lyric like this in some way, but it has fans guessing it is a diss because of Ross’ video. He covers a lot of rappers’ alleged affiliations with gangs and did on YB called YoungBoy: Real Killer or Fake Gangster? Now, he might be sending more strays toward someone else on “Heard Of Me.”


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