NBA Youngboy – Fish Scale

NBA Youngboy Fish Scale
Fish Scale

He dominates when it comes to releasing new music and is ushering in the new year with a big announcement. The rapper has been spending his days under house arrest in Utah, but YoungBoy has been making the most of his time on lockdown. Not only has he been reconnecting with his fanbase on social media apps like Clubhouse, but YoungBoy has also been revealing different sides of himself as he explores his new affinity for wearing goth-styled makeup.

While his new look isn’t a huge hit with all of his fans, it certainly speaks to welcoming a new era of his career. On Tuesday (January 4), the rapper emerged with another stand-alone single, “Fish Scale,” and it arrived with a music video. Fans are expecting big things from the rapper throughout 2022 and he’s kicking the year off with a bang. According to the rapper, we’ll receive a “new tape” in “less than 2 weeks.”

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