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bnyx da reaper nba youngboy

NBA YoungBoy is one of the most controversial rappers of the last 10 years or so. The Baton Rouge, Lousiana MC has maybe the most passionate and protective fan base out of any hip-hop artist going right now. But, if you venture just outside that circle of people, there are haters o’ plenty. The reason why he is so polarizing is due to his actions and comments online.

Recently, NBA YoungBoy was torched for his very questionable parenting skills. Additionally, he is almost always tangled up in some sort of beef. There is rarely a time when something is not amiss. NBA’s fans are separating the person from the artist it seems and that is okay.

Another reason why some might not like him that much either is due to the amount of music he pumps out each year. It does not help when the quality is not always there either. But, that is not stopping YoungBoy from slowing down one bit. He is back with a first-time collaboration with rap’s next-up producer, BNYX. If the beat on “BNYX Da Reaper” sounds familiar, that is because it is a rehash of “Who Wit Me.” That song landed on Quavo’s sophomore solo record Rocket Power.


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