Nas Reveals Tracklist And Surprise Feature On “Magic 3”

Nas Magic 3 Tracklist

Nas has been on an incredibly prolific run of new music recently. Dating back to 2020 he’s released three King’s Disease albums and two Magic albums all with Hit-Boy serving as the primary producer. Now, he’s returning with a sixth and final project in their series. Fans know it’s the finale because Nas teased it earlier this week. He scared fans who assumed that by “finale” he meant he was retiring. But a few days later he clarified he meant he was ending his series of releases with Hit-Boy with a final Magic album.

It’s a continuation of his prolific run following the previous album in the series Magic 2, which dropped just a few months ago. The project is arriving sooner than you probably expect, coming this weekend. Now, Nas has shared the tracklist for the project and it once again features a pretty significant feature. On Magic 2 he teamed up with 50 Cent for the pair’s first collaboration in over 20 years. For Magic 3 he’s teaming up with Lil Wayne on the track “Never Die.” It’s one of 15 songs included on the album. Check out the entire tracklist below.

01. “Fever”
02. “TSK”
03. “Superhero Status”
04. “I Love This Feeling”
05. “No Tears”
06. “Never Die” Feat. Lil Wayne
07. “Pretty Young Girl”
08. “Based On True Events”
09. “Based On True Events Pt. 2”
10. “Sitting With My Thoughts”
11. “Blue Bentley”
12. “Jodeci Member”
13. “Speechless Pt. 2”
14. “Japanese Soul Bar”
15. “1-800-Nas-&-Hit”

Nas and Hit-Boy have dropped 6 albums in a span of 4 years. Dozens of rap legends have been included in the Kings Disease series in particular. Big Sean, Don Toliver, Lil Durk, Lauryn Hill, Eminem, YG, and many more have joined Nas and Hit-Boy on the records. The third edition of Kings Disease III was delivered without any features and handled vocally entirely by Nas.

On top of his new album, Nas has also released a series of music videos for tracks from Magic 2. Both “Motion” and “Black Magic” have received visuals of their own in the months since the project was released.


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