“Mother Fitness” Megan Thee Stallion Partners With Planet Fitness

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Announced today (Dec. 28), Planet Fitness teamed up with Megan Thee Stallion. Their collaboration aims to promote both physical and mental wellness, aligning with the gym’s emphasis on a judgment-free environment.

The “Captain Hook” hitmaker shared in a press statement, “Working out is such an important part of my routine, so this partnership with Planet Fitness genuinely embodies my personal values. We want to encourage everyone to prioritize their physical and mental health heading into the New Year, so they can reach new heights in 2024 and continue to grow into the best version of themselves.”

In addition to Megan starring in a Planet Fitness commercial as “Mother Fitness,” they also introduced exclusive merchandise to encourage gym-goers. The collection featured items like sweatshirts with “Big Fitness Energy for Everybody (-ody-ody)” slogans, bucket hats, and a water bottle with “Real Hot Girl Fit.” Proceeds will benefit the Houston native’s Bad B**ches Have Bad Days Too organization.

Planet Fitness CBO Jamie Medeiros stated, “Music plays a huge role in any fitness routine, so Planet Fitness is thrilled to be teaming up with Megan Thee Stallion to break down the barriers of fitness, help everyone focus on their fitness journeys, the ‘Judgement Free’ way, and channel their Big Fitness Energy.”

She added, “Megan Thee Stallion celebrates all the values of Planet Fitness through her dedication to physical and mental wellness, plus her powerful message of body positivity, which makes her an incredible partner for our brand.”

On the music side, Megan put out “Cobra” in November. The accompanying visuals amassed 14 million views on YouTube since coming out. Before that, she joined forces with Cardi B for “Bongos.” It marked their first joint effort since 2020’s smash hit “WAP.”

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