‘Most Nigerian Artists Don’t Want Their Kids To Listen To Their Songs’ – ID Cabasa


Veteran record producer Olumide Ogunade, well known as ID Cabasa, has stated that most Nigerian artistes who are parents do not want their children to listen to their music.

He stated that most musicians do not want their children to listen to their songs because of the explicit lyrical content, emphasising that most of them only do music to make ends meet.

Cabasa was interviewed on a recent episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, which was co-hosted by actor Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, aka Nedu.

He said:

“I can tell you that most artists in Nigeria that you see, they don’t want their kids to actually listen to their own songs. And don’t blame them.

“I don’t like apportioning blames because the people funding (music executive) are behind what artists put out.” A lot of us are doing this thing for survival. So, the question is how do you balance who you are with who they want you to be?”

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