Monaleo – Crying On Your Birthday

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Today (Sept. 27), Monaleo released her latest single titled “Crying On Your Birthday.” Produced by Kid Hazel, the track combined the traditional “Happy Birthday To You” instrumentals with heavy bass lines and the rapper’s signature style.

The record also incorporated several cultural references, touching on everything from the state of Texas to Paul Blart and Larry King. In the second verse, the El Paso native rapped, “Be for real, if you gon’ be anything. He wanna sit up and talk at night, but I’m not Larry King. I need a super s**t, that’s the man I’m marryin’. Suck me like a Sundae, banana split, Dairy Queen. I like my baby daddy, he be droppin’ good d**k.”

“‘[Crying On Your Birthday]’ is an empowerment song I wrote to denounce the stigma against all girls crying on their birthdays,” Monaleo shared regarding the record. “Whether it be because your man didn’t do what he was supposed to, the plans aren’t going right, your outfit didn’t come in.”

She continued, “Whatever it is that’s causing you not to enjoy the only day that’s supposed to be about you, shake it off! ‘Crying On Your Birthday’ is a fun, hype song to play on your birthday or any day that you aren’t feeling like the amazing woman that you are.“

The record marked Monaleo’s second single since her debut project, Where The Flowers Don’t Die, which featured songs like “Beating Down Yo Block,” “A** Kickin,” and “Wig Splitter.” The 11-song LP contained a lone guest appearance from frequent collaborator Flo Milli.

In August, the artist remixed Tay K’s 2017 viral hit “I <3 My Choppa” for “I Love My N**ga.” In personal news concurrent with her professional milestones, the musician also became a mother to a baby boy with rapper Stunna 4 Vegas earlier this year.

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