“Mohbad Was Alive When He Came To The Hospital”- Eyewitness Narrates Details About Mohbad’s Death


An eyewitness who was present at the hospital when the late Mohbad was brought in has made a surprising statement.

The eyewitness testimony sheds additional light on the sad events that transpired on that fatal day.

Mohbad was very much alive when he arrived at the hospital, according to one eyewitness, who submitted a voice message to relay his account.

This eyewitness claimed to have been in the reception area when Mohbad entered the medical facility with his friends.

Despite his illness, Mohbad remained humble when approached by the witness, who enthusiastically sought a photograph with the artist. Mohbad posed for the photo before retiring into a hospital ward, as seen by the whiteness of his eyes.

The eyewitness noted a sudden burst of activity among the nurses and others in the room where Mohbad had been admitted 30 minutes later.

According to the witness, the nurses informed him that Mohbad had been declared dead. The witness found it odd that Mohbad’s friends had swiftly taken his “lifeless” body out of the hospital, despite the fact that he was entirely shirtless.

This eyewitness posed an important question: why did Mohbad’s companions not leave him in the hospital for a longer amount of time, allowing the medical professionals to at least attempt to save him? Many others were puzzled and looking for answers as they hurried out of the hospital.

This narrative is based on the statements of a single eyewitness, and its authenticity cannot be confirmed. The circumstances behind Mohbad’s death are still unknown.

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