Mick Jenkins – Truffles

Mick Jenkins Truffles
Mick Jenkins Truffles

When it comes time for the best bars conversation, it’s time for Mick Jenkins to become a mainstay — if he hasn’t already established as much. The Chicago lyricist is easily one of the slickest emcees in the game, consistently penning elevated material dense with meaning and sneaky wordplay. Following the release of The Circus in early 2020, fans have been eager to see what Mick has been working on, and late last night, he set the stage with a new single called “Truffles.”

Over a smoldering and buoyant instrumental from Renzell and Monte Booker, Jenkins steps back and observes his surroundings from afar, his commentary as incisive as ever. “Young ni*ga makin’ double that money you’re taxed on and shippin’ the principal,” he spits, at the top of his second verse. “I need patience ’cause I know that I’m gon’ get the whole thing, gotta get it in intervals / Got the bases loaded, I’m tryna make it a Soul Train line / Right at the home plate, then I talk shit in the interview.”

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