MGK – Don’t Let Me Go

mgk dont let me go

Cleveland rapper and singer mgk has forayed more into the realms of emo, pop punk, and alternative rock over the last couple of years. He was formerly recognized as a pure rapper, but he wanted to explore his options elsewhere. It paid dividends for him as mgk’s new style has spawned a handful of successful records like Tickets To My Downfall. However, with this new single “dont let me go,” he is rapping atop a piano-laced instrumental.

This emotional backdrop sets the tone early for the personal content of the song. “dont let me go” is also mgk’s first single of the year. While the track still has elements of his stint in the genres we mentioned, this is more of a continuation of the multi-talent’s journey back to his hip-hop roots. You can check out the music video that accompanies “dont let me go” below.

On this cut, mgk is being as honest as ever with himself about his mental struggles and rough upbringing. The visuals are also a nice touch as it shows some shots of him in front of downtown Cleveland’s skyline. According to HipHopDX, he also makes a reference to his new controversial tattoo, saying, “I had a breakdown and tatted my entire body except one line.” Overall, fans are enjoying this emotional moment for mgk, applauding his willingness to share all of this information.


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