Megan Thee Stallion Says She’s “Preserving Her Mental Health”

Megan Thee Stallion 1

Early Saturday (Dec. 30) morning, Megan Thee Stallion shared some exciting updates on her mental health journey, workout routine and more in an exclusive interview with People Magazine. The popular musician expressed excitement for her new partnership with Planet Fitness ahead of 2024.

When discussing her current mindset, she said, “I’m always working or traveling, so I’m a big believer in setting boundaries and carving out rest days to preserve my mental health and avoid burnout.” To cope with her busy schedule, Megan explained, “During my days off, I love to binge my favorite shows, spend time with my dogs and hang out with my friends.” She added, “It’s just so relaxing and therapeutic to give your body a break, have some balance and allow yourself the space to reset and recharge.”

The “Cobra” emcee is known for her ability to galvanize her “Hot Girl” fanbase. Many also applaud her for her consistency in keeping up her iconic figure. When detailing her workout plan, she said, “Having a healthy and balanced diet is a huge part of my process. I’ve integrated a lot of fruits and vegetables into my meals — I love protein-rich meals, and I drink lots of healthy smoothies — so I’m definitely proud of the adjustments I’ve made,” she explains. “It takes a lot of discipline and consistency, but I try to be extra health-conscious with everything I put into my body.”

Megan Thee Stallion made waves after shading Spotify during her recent Instagram Live. She said, “I feel like you’re 15 if you use Spotify.” She also aimed at any of her detractors by claiming, “I’m about to give everyone exactly what they have been looking for. Good or bad. Like if you have been calling for me, here I come. I’m coming.”

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