Megan Thee Stallion Says She’d Be Open To Doing A Joint Project With Cardi B

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Fans of Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B have a reason to rejoice. In an interview with Complex on Tuesday (Sept. 19), the former hinted at an extensive collaborative project that would include an EP and subsequent tour.

While discussing her Flamin’ Hot University initiative with Doritos, Megan opened up about her plans with the Bronx native. She told the publication, “I literally think that’s the route that we’re going. So I’ve done two songs for her and now I feel like I’m in a space where I know exactly what songs I want her to do for me. So we’re really building a little EP already.”

Outside of a project, the Houston Hottie also spoke warmly about the prospect of touring together. She stated, “We’re gonna have enough music that we need to go on tour together. Me and [Cardi B] going out together will be so amazing. We are already so cool and I feel like we got similar fans. So if she wanted to do a little EP, I would definitely be so down to do that, but we are making enough music to already have that.”

Megan and Cardi previously worked together on a number of hits. Their 2020 single “WAP” topped the Billboard Hot 100. Meanwhile, their recent endeavor, “Bongos,” already marked its presence by debuting at No. 14 on the same chart.

Earlier this week, Megan told “Entertainment Tonight” about the chemistry they share. She said, “I feel like we hype each other up so well. Anytime she might be feeling a way, I’m definitely her sunshine. She’s so sweet, and she’s so kind, and that’s why I really like her — ’cause she’s real.”

The “Hot Girl Summer” hitmaker also revealed she returned to the studio to work on new tunes for a solo project. “I am in such an amazing headspace,” she revealed. “I’m making music that I really, really love. I’m making music that I’m not about to have to fight with anybody about.”

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