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Out Alpha The Alpha

Megan Thee Stallion is taking part in one of the biggest crossovers of music and film this year. For the first time ever, A24 is working on a musical. The raunchy project is fittingly titled D*cks: The Musical. The film is also coming with a soundtrack and Megan got the chance to tea it up with a theatrical new single. While the entire soundtrack is out now, unsurprisingly, all eyes are on Megan.

The song is a sort of combination of musical music with hip-hop and Megan Thee Stallion still sounds right in her lane. In the song, she’s rapping from the point of view of her character in the film Gloria Masters. In the story, she leads a sort of all-female takeover intent on smashing the patriarchy. The song is hilarious but Megan still brings her trademark intensity to it.

Megan Thee Stallion had a relatively quiet year until recently. She teamed up with Cardi B for a second time on a new single called “Bongos” last month. It served as a sort of spiritual sequel to their beloved 2020 team-up “WAP.” Fans were pretty excited and the song immediately shot up into the top 20 of the Hot 100 in its first week on the charts.

Megan also got the chance to perform with Beyonce in both artist’s hometown of Houston. The pair have often expressed how much the like each other and they previously collaborated on the “Savage Remix” in 2020.

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