Meek Mill Opens Up About His Relationship With Drake After Their Beef

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In a recent interview with SiriusXM’s “Hip Hop Nation,” Meek Mill opened up about his surprisingly strong friendship with Drake. The conversation aired on Friday (Sept. 29) evening, providing insight into the dynamic between the two rappers, who infamously feuded in 2015.

“Me and Drake talk to each other a lot. Somebody was saying, ‘Drake[’s] ‘Slime You Out’ was corny.’ I texted him. I was like, ‘I don’t think ‘Slime You Out’ is corny, and I would tell you if I thought it was corny.’ I just ain’t think the song was corny… But on the internet now, we got it like that, where we could be brutal,” Meek explained.

He continued, “If he thinks my song corny, he could tell me that. We never was at a space like that before the beef. And now we got to a space where we can text each other and say anything. We got that honesty where we can leave it on the table, and we can walk away and feel good about that. And we ain’t had that before the beef.”

Drake and Meek’s relationship has evidently evolved to a level where they can be brutally honest with each other, which is a far cry from their notorious past. In 2015, their feud escalated into a rap battle that launched singles like “Charged Up,” “Back to Back,” and “Wanna Know.” Despite blistering diss tracks and public jabs, the duo eventually reconciled in 2018. They even collaborated on their hit single “Going Bad” later that year.

Their reconciliation took center stage earlier this summer when Drake’s “It’s All A Blur Tour” made a pit stop in Philadelphia. The Toronto native took a moment during his performance to acknowledge their past rift.

“You see who I walked out here with, right?” Drizzy asked the crowd with Meek following behind him. “The last time I was in this building, that man got us out of Philly real quick. But now, we can come back to this city and represent Philadelphia together.”

He added, “It means the most to me that I could come back to this city and show the growth as two men that we can come here tonight and we can represent for muthaf**kin’ Philadelphia together.”

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