Meek Mill – God Did (Freestyle)

Meek Mill God Did

surely isn’t holding back ahead of his Flamerz 5 mixtape. The Philadelphia native finally shared his “God Did” freestyle on Monday (November 21), aggressively spitting bars on bars over ’s hit song.

The track landed on YouTube simultaneously with a Benjamin Carter-directed visual. In it, the “Uptown Vibes” artist can be seen performing at concerts, chiefly hosting luxurious dinners, and rapping from the inside of a helicopter.

“‘Cause I come from the dark side, I don’t make it, cats gon’ slaughter n*ggas,” he rhymes early on. “Now I gotta feed my family, bring my sons and all our daughters with us / I don’t even need no Grammy, I’ll put a check printer on the corner with us / My first song I ever dropped, I’m still performin’ n*gga.”

Prior to releasing Flamerz 5, Meek has cautioned fans not to expect to find it on DSPs. “When a label gave me a plaque I thought they was tryna trick me lol… Show me the financials that my art made… That other shit a mental trick,” he tweeted earlier this month.

“Give me a plaque with how much my song made and how much I got paid… I’m shying away from that whole system it’s not for us!”

In another tweet, the 35-year-old went on to further stress his point. “I don’t want Flamerz 5 on no streaming service This strictly underground music,” he wrote.

“Billboard can’t rate it. Just rate the music. I’d bet you a million I can make the UnitedStates/world play it with one upload button been doing it since MySpace lol.”

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